Metal rolling and bending

Broeders Steel is your local metal fabrication workshop with the capability to accommodate all shapes and sizes of custom hot-rolled metal products.

Bending Press

Our custom bending and rolling ensures your steel fabrication is the perfect fit for your project. Our team works with you to ensure your steel fabrication is rolled and/or bent to your precise specifications, for a perfect fit on installation.

Our experienced CWB-certified welders can also create unique items, such as welded pipes and beams to your precise measurements.

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Our steel and metal rolling and bending services

Cold rolled steel sheet on plate rolling machine in factory.

One of the mainstay services here at Broeders is the precision rolling of steel and metal plate. Ideal for bending thick sections of plate, we have the capability to create different curves and bends and accurately control each curve. Our plate rollers range (??) up to 5’-0” wide, and we have the capability for rolling plates from 1mm to 6mm thick.

Our CNC brake press can create custom metal profiling and profile bending for a range of projects, including structural, architectural, marine, transport, industrial and agricultural.

Our cold bending service can accommodate steel sections up to 10’-00”, and can include multiple bends in one section. Our project team will work with you on your normal low-carbon steel and structural steel project to minimize ductility loss and maximize Ultimate Tensile Strength. Section bending is also faster and more energy-efficient than other methods.

The process of bending sheet metal on a hydraulic bending machine

Our metal fabrication shop can bend a wide variety of aluminum plates, sections and extrusions with little or no visible marking using our CNC bending machines. Whether you want just one section bent or hundreds, our team has the capability and capacity to deliver to your specifications on time and on budget.

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