Custom design and metal fabrication near you

Whatever your steel and metal fabrication needs, Broeders can help.

Our metal shop facility is ready and waiting to design, produce and install your custom hot-rolled metal products and other custom metalwork.

  • Our in-house team of designers work with you to create the optimum design for your needs for custom fabrication of metal products for farm, home and industry.
  • Our team incorporating cutting edge design and methods with good old-fashioned attention to details and personal service.
  • Our Canadian Welding Bureau Certified (CWB) metal shop is capable of handling small to medium steel fabrication for a wide variety of projects and products.

Special projects for special places

We thrive on special projects – the more complex, interesting and diverse, the better! As our founder, Peter Broeders, says, we love a project that we can sink our teeth into!

Click on the headlines below to discover more about some of the specialized services we offer for the best results possible.

Historic buildings pose considerable challenges to both maintenance and repair. Our team of expert steel fabricators can provide custom-made metalwork for all types of uses, from structural steel supports to exactly replicating and replacing metalwork that has corroded or become unsafe.

Our custom fabrication team particularly shines when providing custom onsite steels where reinforcing and remodelling of space is required, including joist reinforcing and temporary shoring. Our timely intervention and sympathetic steelwork and support have prolonged both the life and usage of numerous landmark buildings, from colleges to town halls.

Our team is also happy to work with your architects, engineering consultants, local planners and heritage organizations to bring older properties up to modern safety standards.

At Broeders, we very much enjoy helping architects, designers, and home builders realize their vision. Whether working from detailed architectural plans or using our own in-house design team to expand on a simple brief, we will be with you every step of the way, from the first phone call to final delivery.

We have a passion for innovative solutions to building and construction, helping architects explore different options for maximizing the capabilities of steel and metal fabrication to build and furnish new buildings. We work well with any number of contractors and consultants, and our installation team takes the pressure off onsite trades by expertly installing all our custom-made fabrications for you.

Our design team works with you on your projects, from the first idea to the final installation. Our team can produce every aspect of your drawings, CAD models and plans for your projects, including:

  • Submission documents
  • Design sketches
  • Shop fabrication drawings
  • Installation and erection drawings
  • Read and/or produce detailed structural & architectural plans

Our Dashwood design team pride themselves on being an ‘easy to work with’ team when collaborating with engineers, architects, planner, etc. Our team has an in-depth understanding of construction procedures and materials combined with a commitment to detail and problem-solving.

Here’s just one example of our integrated approach:

We believe that our local communities and Ontario as a whole deserve brighter, better homes that enhance their neighbourhoods and deliver on eco-friendly criteria. So, we partner with selected residential developers to provide both standard and custom-designed structural steel for full build new homes, from apartments and condos to townhouses and luxury homes.

As your local chosen structural steel supplier, you can be sure your structural steel will arrive just in time to avoid storage outside and the effects of the weather. By choosing a local supplier for your steel, you’ll lower the carbon footprint of every home you construct and contribute to the local economy too. It’s also more cost-effective for you to buy local, and your project is not so vulnerable to supply shortages and import delays.

We can also produce custom-made metalwork to give each home an individual touch and also work with buyers on specific requests to customize their home further.

As a long-established metal fabrication company in southwestern Ontario, we work extensively with companies, organizations and business owners on ICI (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional) construction projects. Call us to discuss your requirements or for examples of local projects we have worked on.

As experienced steel fabricators with a cutting-edge job metal shop at our disposal, we help specialist companies create the spaces, projects and manufacturing structures they require.

From precision auto parts to power stations, our decades of experience in metal and steel fabrication shines through. We can cut, shape and fabricate other more ‘exotic’ metals, with special attention to their properties and vulnerabilities.

Create new product possibilities with our precision waterjet cutting for prototypes, part development and custom parts. Our new waterjet cutting also offers precision cutting with no thermal distortion or hardening where No Heat-Affected Zones are required. Call us for details or see our Waterjet cutting page for more details.

Our Machinery

Expand your possibilities with the Broeders workshop team. We’ve invested in a wealth of cutting-edge technology to provide a range of options to suit almost any project, large or small. Our machinery includes:

  • Tracker CNC Plasma Cutting Tables
  • Baileigh RM55 Ring Roller
  • Baileigh RD150 Rotary Draw Bender
  • Miller Welding Equipment and Plasma Machines
  • Cleveland 55 Ton Ironworker
  • Piranha 65 ton Ironworker
  • Mobile Welding Equipment including MIG and Stick
  • OMAX Waterjet cutter
  • Hydmech Bandsaw
  • Shear
  • Brake


Contact us to discuss your requirements with our experienced team.